Being a Driving Instructor

Being a Driving Instructor is not just about teaching someone to pass a driving test but to drive safely. By teaching you to drive safely, you would then pass your test. We have an overriding moral duty to you, the pupil, ourselves and society in general, to ensure that everyone is safe. Nothing could be worse for an Instructor than to read that someone you have got through a driving test has been in an awful accident.

Instructors work in different ways, for some, it’s their full-time job and for some, it’s part-time…but most work around you and your availability.  It’s important when you’re learning to drive that you’re not distracted by stress or time constraints which is why we try to be flexible.

As driving instructors, we deploy a variety of techniques which have been learnt through our training and experience. Which techniques we use are dependant on you and the circumstances we find ourselves in during a lesson. You’ll find that the skill of the instructor is in how these techniques are deployed to you, to give you the best advantage.

Being a driving instructor can be very rewarding (we wouldn’t do it otherwise) as we have the satisfaction of being a positive change in someone’s life. But a strange part of the job for some is that we share an aspect of our lives with a pupil and may get on really well with them. Then that pupil passes their driving test and it becomes a bittersweet moment as they move out of your life.

However, overall it’s a people job and helping people from all walks of life, become safe and confident drivers equals huge job satisfaction for us at driving-pro.

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