So you’re thinking about learning to drive or you’ve already taken the plunge and started your lessons – what an exciting time! You’ll soon be a licence holder and have the freedom that being a driver gives you. It can really take you places!

First things first, there’s a lot to learn! Although driving is enjoyable and gives you freedom, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. You must learn the rules of the road, the skills it takes to drive well and above all, ensure you are a safe driver.

Luckily, we are driving experts – it’s what we do. We’ve put together a selection of helpful articles on lots of different driving-related topics to give you some extra information and advice.

If there’s a driving topic that you’d like to know more about, please email us on and we will endeavour to write a blog on that subject soon.

The Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and Tyres. Wheels A wheel must be strong enough to resist the many forces acting upon it but light enough to allow it to be steered. A wheel reduces friction by rolling and when 2 are used in conjunction with an axle allows the carrying of heavy load. Load is...

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The Seat and Seat Belts

The Seats and Seat Belts The Seat. Proper adjustment of the car seat is fundamental to effective use of the controls. The seat along with the seat belt and headrest is critical to safety. There are two types of seat, bench and bucket. Seating is normally set facing...

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The Doors and Glass

The Doors and Glass. The Doors. Provide for the entry and exit and security of your car. Some vehicles can be set up so the doors lock once the vehicle has started moving. Their shape and method of opening are part of the overall styling of the car and they are part...

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The Ancillary Controls

The Ancillary Controls These help in driver comfort and the driving task. The driver’s seat adjustments are the key to effective use of these and any other controls. Not too close and not too far.  Washer and Wipers. As soon as you have a windscreen you need a...

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