Make sure your braking is smooth with no jerk at the final stop. We have all been in the front seat of cars where we give a nod to the driver when we come to a stop. If your passengers have become nodding donkeys this means you are not driving as a professional driver.


Good braking technique has many names. But it all follows a certain pattern.

1.Off gas for a small reduction in speed and a light touch of the footbrake to light your brake lights. This will bring your speed down a little bit. It will also let the people behind know you are braking.

2.Squeezing the footbrake for the most reduction in speed. Because most of the weight of a car is at the front. Most of the braking will be done on the front wheels. This will tend to pull the front of the car downwards.

3.Easing slightly off but still keeping some pressure on the footbrake as you come to a standstill. This will allow the front of the car to rise back up again.

It can be called different things:

  • Touch, Squeeze, Ease
  • Three phase braking
  • Dog shit braking (meaning it is tapered at both ends)

Proper braking should be done in good time. If you are racing up to things and braking hard at the last moment this is not nice for your passenger. It is expensive in fuel and not good for the car. But its biggest problem is that it is dangerous if you are coming up to things too fast.

Plan ahead and be smooth.


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