What’s Involved in Learning to Drive


For most of us there is not much point in learning to drive unless we get the license that allows us to drive. Once we have the license we will be allowed to drive anywhere on a public road in the UK and most of Europe. 


So what do we need to know about learning? First off we need to put time, money and effort into learning. It will not be a case of a few lessons and turning up at the test center and getting a pass.




In terms of time it will take as long as it takes. You must be able to drive safely. But very importantly you have to prove that to a driving examiner. The examiner can only mark what he sees at the time and place of the test. And we all get nervous and not drive as well as we normally do.


So the question for most people is how many lessons. The most quoted number is 47 hours training with 22 hours private practice. This is an average amount and will vary from person to person. Some more, others less. In general the younger you are, the less you will need. 


We hear all the time about people who passed in 10, 15, 20 hours etc.. But this can be for all sorts of reasons. Normally this might have been 15, 20 years ago when there was a lot less traffic on the road.


Other people may have forgotten to add that they were practicing every day in their parents car. I have a friend who likes to say that he passed with just 6 lessons from a professional instructor. Once you look suitably impressed he will then tell you that he also did a 2 week in-house course with the police. This is what really got him through.




The worst thing you can do is buy a 10 hour driving course for someone who can not take any more lessons after the 10 you have paid for. They need to be in a position to finish what they start. Also make sure that  when you take either a Theory Test or a Practical Driving Test that you have a good chance of passing it. Money wasted on tests that you are not ready for is better spent with your instructor. 


Be aware that if the lessons are cheap, why?

Hunting around for the cheapest deal is looking for the instructor or school that most needs the extra work. Why?




You will need to commit to learning. Do not worry if you don’t get everything right the first time. Everyone has to learn sometime. Keep going and it will get better. Mistakes are fine. At driving-pro they are learning opportunities! 


Sometimes it will feel difficult. But that is part of the process of learning. Keep making the effort till it is no longer an effort. Remember everyone you see driving has had to learn. For some people it was easy. But for most of us it took a bit of effort.