Learning to drive with any form of disability or condition is going to be more challenging. The driving test will be exactly the same standard for a person with disabilities or conditions as anyone else. For an ordinary driving licence (car) you can have a series of modifications that will allow you to drive safely. These modifications will be shown on the Licence Codes when you pass.

When choosing a driving instructor you will need to make them fully aware of what your needs are. The easier things for an instructor to deal with are dyslexia, autism and deafness all depending on the severity of the condition.

If your condition requires more attention. In our local area Wessex Driveability over in Southampton offer a very professional and thorough assessment. Depending on your needs it can be a transfer assessment or a driving one. The driving one will be conducted by a driving instructor with an occupational therapist sat in the back. They can be reached on 02380 554 100.

When seeking a suitable driving instructor Wessex Driveability maintain a register of suitable instructors that cover this area. You could also try Disability Driving Instructors on 0844 800 7355 who will have a nationwide register of specialist instructors.

When booking the test it is advisable for the instructor to do so over the phone. The instructor can ask for whatever special arrangements might be required. This could mean that a double space to be allocated so the examiner has the extra time to allow for any special arrangements the candidate may need.  But as stated earlier they will have to drive to the same standard as anyone else. The candidate would only be charged the normal fee. It would also be good practice for the instructor to contact The Driving Test Center a week before so everything is clear as to what is required.