Driving Examiners Guidance: Moving away and stopping

The examiner should observe whether the candidate first sees to the front, then to the rear, that the way is clear for pulling out, gives the appropriate signal if necessary, and moves away smoothly and safely. Wherever possible, ability to move off on a reasonably steep uphill gradient should be tested.

A candidate starting on a gradient should be capable of paying attention to other traffic as well as moving their vehicle away without rollback and/ or excessive engine revolutions. If stopping on a hill is not possible an additional designated stop must be conducted. The test must always include moving off at an angle from behind a stationary vehicle.

A minimum of two normal stops should be made during the test.

Independent driving

A normal stop may be included when pulling up to start the independent drive section, providing the road conditions allow and the correct wordings are used. Candidates may be asked to carry out a normal stop once they have begun driving independently.


The above is taken from The Driving Examiners Manual.

Where appropriate it has been reformatted and edited so it only refers to the driving of ordinary cars (class b).