How To Pass Your Taxi Test

How To Pass Your Taxi Test

In Portsmouth and the surrounding areas taxi tests are conducted by The Blue Lamp Trust. They call it an assessment rather than a test. The examiner will want to know you are a safe professional driver.

Your assessment consists of a driving licence check and eyesight test followed by a 45 minute driving assessment across a variety of road types. In practice this means you can be anywhere in a 20 minute radius of where you start the test. Fail the eyesight test, or not having the licence to show the examiner before you start. You fail your test before you even get into your car.

The less the examiner notices about your driving the better. When you get into any car and the driver is a good one you will feel safe and relaxed. This is what your passengers should feel when they are in a cab with a professional driver. Safe and relaxed is how the examiner wants to feel.

Before your Blue Lamp Taxi Test make sure you are able to pass. We at see a lot of drivers who have taken a test without any training and failed it badly.

At the beginning of your test the examiner will say he wants you to be smooth, safe and legal. If you can do those three things you should be alright. Remember the examiner can only mark what he sees on the day.

This means that some people fail by bad luck. But others pass with a bit of good luck. Your job as a professional driver is to replace luck with skill.

Once you have passed your Blue Lamp Trust Assessment you will be well on the way to becoming a professional taxi driver.


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