Taxi Test

When you turn up for the test make sure you are early. Both you and your car should be washed and brushed. Make a good first impression.

To pass your test you must drive in a way that is smooth, safe and legal.  A maximum of 9 minor driving faults are allowed and a high level of driving skill is required to pass. Any serious or dangerous faults will result in a fail.

The smooth means the less a blind man is aware of your braking and gear changing the better. This will be helped by you looking ahead and planning. Safe will mean just that. But if you have not seen it how can you deal with it. Legal is if you are breaking the law on test. Speeding, not obeying road signs. What will you be like when you are driving normally.

You will be asked to perform 2 reversing manoeuvres.  During your test you be asked to pull over as if you are dropping passengers off. This will be done 2 or 3 times on the test. Make sure you do this as if you were dropping passengers off. They would be able to get out and not blocked in by anything. This test is slightly different from a ordinary test in that you can stop by a dropped kerb.

You could be asked to do an emergency stop. This is not always possible due to following traffic on that particular test route.

Your test will also include some independent driving where the examiner will ask you to follow the signs. Practice looking for them.

Remember above all to be smooth, safe and legal.

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